Mepiform Silicone Scar Management Dressing


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Mepiform self-adhesive anti scarring bandages, a thin, flexible self-adhesive silicone dressing.


For the treatment of old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars. The sterile scar dressing has on the contact side of the wound a patented safetac silicone layer. The dressings with a silicone layer have a positive effect on scar tissue. The effect of dressings depends on the patients compliance. For best results, the bandage should be worn preferably 24 hours a day. The entire treatment will take, depending on the disease, between 3 and 12 months.

The back of the dressing is made of nonwoven fabric with polyurethane, which is liquid-and vapor permeable and waterproof. *Safetac technologie: wound contact layer and/or the pinning layer is made of soft silicone. In contact with the wound, the bandage does not stick to the moistured wound. Even in difficult cases when the wound fluid is getting sticky or dry, the soft silicone dressings guarantee a minimum of pain and trauma at with dressing changes. On the surrounding skin, soft silicone dressings offer an extremely friendly fixation. Removal of the dressing brings no skindamage (" stripping" of epidermal cells). Thus, the skin remains intact even after multiple dressing changes and the changes are virtually painless. The wound inspection is no problem.

The adhesive strength of the product is so good that they remain fully functional even after several tests. Soft silicone dressings also ensures that no liquid leaks to the healthy surrounding skin.

The silicones protect the wound edges off completely, so that the excess liquid can happen only vertically. thin flexible self-adhesive Safetac silicone layer does not stick Back of nonwoven fabric with polyurethane Moisture and water vapor permeable and waterproof sterileIndicationfor the treatment of old and new hypertrophic scars (thickened red scar that does not spread beyond the original wound area) and keloids (scarring that occurs outside the boundaries of the original skin lesion).Preparation: Dry the skin Cut the bandage on the right size, if necessary Provide 1 cm overlayapplication: Remove the protective film bring the dressing with the adhesive side on the scar It is important that the wound is closedRemove or Change: Remove the dressing, preferably once a day, so that the skin can be washed After a bath or shower, wait a few minutes and apply the bandage again