Hydrogel Dressings

  • Redrelief Burn Dressing 10cmx10cm (JF891)

    JFA Medical

    Redrelief Burn Dressing 10cmx10cm

    DESCRIPTION Emergency Hydrogel burn dressing Suitable for scalds and burns  Apply to the wound and secure with a first aid bandage.  For severe burns requiring hospital treatment commonly used in transit to...

  • Purilon Hydrogel


    Purilon Hydrogel

    Coloplast Purilon Hydrogel With Accordian Applicator is designed with high viscosity to maintain optimal moist environment essential for autolytic debriding. Its natural and sterile ingredients combine superior hydration with essential absorptive action...

    From: £3.99
  • Nu-Gel Hydrogel with Alginate


    Nu-Gel Hydrogel with Alginate

    NU-Gel Alginate Hydrogel NU-GEL Hydrogel gently and effectively debrides and desloughs wounds and can be used to manage chronic wounds throughout all stages of the healing process. It works by creating a moist wound healing environment which assists...

    From: £3.99
  • Intrasite Conformable Hydrogel Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    Intrasite Conformable Hydrogel Dressing

    Intrasite Conformable Dressing  IntraSite Conformable is a conformable hydrogel dressing which combines the advantages of IntraSite Gel with a non-woven dressing to aid in the gentle packing of deep, shallow, open or undermined wounds. The...

    From: £3.99
  • Actiform Cool Hydrogel Dressing


    Actiform Cool Dressing

    Actiform Cool Dressing ActiFormCool is an ionic sheet hydrogel dressing for painful wounds. Features and Benefits ActiFormCool will either donate or absorb fluid to maintain an optimal level of moisture in the wound bed ActiFormCool has been...

    From: £3.99
  • Cutimed Sorbact HydroGel Dressings


    Cutimed Sorbact HydroGel Dressings

        Cutimed Sorbact Gel Dressings are for all types of dry, sloughy or low exuding wounds that are contaminated, colonised or infected. It reduces bacterial load in a wound by combining Cutimed Sorbact swab with an amorphous hydrogel to...

    From: £6.17
  • Intrasite Gel Applipak

    Smith & Nephew

    Intrasite Gel Applipak

    IntraSite Gel Applipak   IntraSite Gel Applipak is clinically proven to debride, deslough and hydrate a wide range of wound types. It rehydrates the skin tissue and its gentle yet quick action promotes fast debridement. IntraSite Gel increases the...

    From: £4.99
  • First Aid Burn Gel Dressing (10cm x 10cm)

    First Aid Burn Gel Dressing (10cm x 10cm)

    Qualicare Burn Gel is a water based hydrogel especially formulated to soothe and cool burns and scalds.  The non-adherent and sterile soft foam dressings are loaded with soothing gel making them suitable for all minor burns and scalds. Burn gel can...

    From: £2.99
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