Kliniderm Foam Silicone Border Dressing

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Key benefits

  • Save up to 27% compared to other market leading brands
  • Helps to minimize the risk of pain and damage to the wound at dressing changes
  • Helps to protect the surrounding skin
  • Easy application
  • May be used under compression
  • Comfortable
  • Absorbs and manages exudate
  • Supports moist wound healing
  • Reduces risk of maceration
  • Provides up to 7 days wear time
  • Showerproof*
  • Skin friendly with strong fixation
  • A wide range of shapes and sizes in all variants 

Kliniderm foam silicone dressings are indicated for chronic and acute wounds including:

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Diabetic foot ulcers

  • Leg ulcers

  • Post-operative wounds

  • Skin abrasions

  • Superficial and partial thickness burns

  • Donor sites

  • Traumatic wounds

  • Skin tears

Application Instructions
  1. Ensure the wound area is clean and dry before using the dressing
  2. A dressing should be selected that overlaps the wound margin by at least two centimeters
  3. Place directly to the wound bed and gently press the adhesive border to secure the dressing

*Only bordered sizes are showerproof.