• Hibiscrub Skin Wash 500ml (HIBOO26E)

    Hibiscrub Skin Wash 500ml

    Incredibly effective antiseptic and disinfectant that can be used in hospitals and at home Commonly used in hospitals for pre-operative surgical hand disinfection, ward and pre-operative hand washing and as part of post-operative outpatient...

  • Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover Spray 50ml


    Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

    Removing sensors and cannulas can be both painful and damaging to skin. Alcohol adhesive removers are traditionally used to remove adhesives, but alcohol is known to sting. Appeel is a silicone based, no sting medical adhesive remover that removes...

    From: £17.75
  • Appeel Adhesive Remover Wipes


    Appeel Adhesive Remover Wipes

    Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes   Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover facilitates the quick and easy removal of dressings, tapes and other medical adhesives without causing pain or skin trauma. It can be used on intact and broken skin and is...

    From: £1.99
  • Urgoclean Ag Desloughing Pad

    Urgo Medical

    Urgoclean Ag Desloughing Pad

    Urgoclean Dressing AG The UrgoClean Ag dressing is presented as a sterile, non-woven pad of highly absorbent and cohesive poly-absorbent hydrodesloughing fibres (polyacrylate). The hydro-desloughing pad is coated with a soft-adherent Healing Matrix...

    From: £3.99
  • Prontosan Wound GEL

    Prontosan Wound GEL

    The gel for acute, chronic and burn wounds Cleansing and moisturizing of skin wounds and burns For the prevention of biofilm Advantages Reduces healing time Removes and prevents biofilm Prevents infections Facilitates gentle...

    From: £22.12
  • Zoff Plaster Adhesive Remover Wipes

    Smith & Nephew

    Zoff Plaster Adhesive Remover Wipes

    Zoff Adhesive Remover Wipes  Skin serves as the body's primary protective barrier, providing the defence against potentially pathogenic bacteria, harmful ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage as well as other specialised functions. Skin care...

    From: £2.99
  • UCS debridement cloth pad


    UCS debridement cloth pad

    ALL IN ONE SOLUTION A sterile, pre-moistened, single-use cloth for wound debridement and cleansing of the surrounding area. Contains a mild cleansing solution that moisturises and softens without damaging healthy cells. INDICATIONS A class 2b medical...

    From: £6.89
  • Stericlens Sterile Irrigation Wound Spray

    CD Medical

    Stericlens Sterile Irrigation Wound Spray

    Stericlens Aerosol is a sterile saline aerosol solution used for irrigating and cleaning chronic and acute wounds. It contains 0.9%w/v sodium chloride, and can be dispensed as a jet from a pressurized aerosol can. Stericlens Aerosol...

    From: £4.20
  • Urgoclean Pad Desloughing Dressing

    Urgoclean Pad Desloughing Dressing

    UrgoClean is a new generation of hydro-desloughing fibres dressing with a high capacity to absorb, drain and trap slough residues. The UrgoClean range is designed for sloughy wounds. Its composition includes a new generation of hydro-desloughing fibres...

    From: £2.99
  • First Aid Sterile Saline Alcohol-Free Wipes

    First Aid Sterile Saline Alcohol-Free Wipes

    Our Qualicare Sterile Saline Wipes Are 100% Alcohol Free - A Must Have In Any Medical Kit Or First Aid Kit. These wipes are hypo-allergenic so are 100 safe to use on children and the elderly. Each wipe is individually packed in an easy tear pouch for...

    From: £1.18
  • Dressit Sterile Dressing Pack

    Dressit Sterile Dressing Pack

    DRESSIT STERILE COMUNITY DRESSING PACK (LONG EXPIRY)   1xBag contains 10 Sterile packs in one handy to carry and store outer zip.    Each pack contain's:  1 pair Vitrex gloves Large apron Disposable bag  Paper...

    From: £3.99
  • Buy Protosan Wound Irrigation Saline Solution For Wound Cleaning And Sterilization  . Buy Online From Medical Dressings the UK's Favorite Online Medical Shop.

    B. Braun Medical

    Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution

    PRONTOSAN WOUND IRRIGATION SOLUTION Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution and Gel are ready to use products for cleansing, moisturizing and decontamination of acute and chronic wounds, to aid in efficient wound bed preparation. Prontosan contains...

    From: £4.50
  • Debrisoft Debridement Pads 10cmx10cm


    Debrisoft Debridement Pads 10cmx10cm

    DEBRISOFT DEBRIDEMENT PAD Debrisoft is a groundbreaking product which can debride wounds in just 2 to 4 minutes rather than the days and even weeks with a dressing. Debrisoft is soft and flexible and effectively binds to wound debris, locking it into...

    From: £11.99
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