Burn & Wound Dressings

  • Cutiderm Parafin Gauze Dressings

    JFA Medical

    Cutiderm Parafin Gauze Dressings

    DESCRIPTION Cutiderm sterile paraffin gauze dressings Suitable for scratches, grazes, superficial and partial thickness burns, skin loss wounds, abrasions and leg ulcers Non-adherent, non allergenic, impregnated with paraffin, A Sterile CE...

    From: £4.99
  • Redrelief Emergency Burn Gel 120ml Bottle

    JFA Medical

    Redrelief Emergency Burn Gel 120ml Bottle

    DESCRIPTION 120ml bottle of RedRelief burn gel - for use on burns, scalds or sunburnA first aid essential for commercial kitchens and catering establishments. Also an excellent addition to the home or work first aid kit. Also ideal for outdoor...

  • Redrelief Burn Dressing 10cmx10cm (JF891)

    JFA Medical

    Redrelief Burn Dressing 10cmx10cm

    DESCRIPTION Emergency Hydrogel burn dressing Suitable for scalds and burns  Apply to the wound and secure with a first aid bandage.  For severe burns requiring hospital treatment commonly used in transit to...

  • BACTIGRAS Antiseptic Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    BACTIGRAS Antiseptic Dressing

    Bactigras Dressing  Tulle gras dressings have been used for many years for the management of wounds of all types. Structurally they comprise a gauze cloth impregnated with paraffin for non-traumatic removal or antiseptics such as chlorhexidine for...

    From: £2.99
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