Mepilex Border Comfort Foam Dressing


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Mepilex Border Comfort Featuring Flex Technology

Mepilex Border Comfort, enriched with exclusive Flex Technology, offers a unique combination of adaptability and effectiveness. Designed to handle wounds that release fluids containing bacteria, it ensures efficient capture and management of such exudates. Whether you're treating diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure sores, skin abrasions, or other traumatic injuries, this dressing is apt for various exuding acute and chronic wounds.

The absorbency level is another standout feature. Boasting 40% more superabsorbent fibers than its predecessor, Mepilex Border, this dressing effectively handles both typical and thick exudates. Furthermore, laboratory tests have confirmed that Mepilex Border Comfort surpasses other silicone-bordered foam dressings in fluid management, recording a performance boost of up to 265%.

Additionally, our innovative Exudate Progress Monitor, embedded in the breathable backing film, introduces a dot pattern system. This facilitates effortless tracking and recording of fluid dispersal without causing any disturbance to the wound. Healthcare professionals can now maintain a consistent record between visits or shifts, minimizing the need for unnecessary dressing alterations.

In essence, its five-layered structure is meticulously engineered to absorb, direct, and lock away bacteria-rich exudates from the wound, preventing any potential return, even when compressed.

Key Attributes:

  • Exclusive Flex Technology ensures superior adaptability and secure placement.
  • Advanced exudate management with bacteria capture mechanism.
  • Features Safetac layer, ensuring less discomfort during dressing replacements.
  • Simplified three-step application to ensure precise positioning and minimized wastage.
  • Intuitive system to monitor and record fluid spread, enhancing dressing efficiency.
  • Demonstrated longer retention than other foam dressings - remains effective for up to a week.


Mepilex Border Comfort is versatile, suitable for a diverse range of exuding injuries like pressure sores, ulcers on legs and feet, and physical traumas including skin abrasions and surgical wounds. For wounds that are dry or necrotic, it can be paired with gels for optimal results.