Mextra Superabsorbent Dressing (Molnlycke)

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Areas of use Mextra Superabsorbent is intended for use on moderately to highly exuding wounds. Mextra Superabsorbent absorbs wound exudate through the wound contact layer, retains within the core and minimises the risk of maceration. The fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as an exudate barrier and prevents exudate strike-throughKey bene?ts of Mextra Superabsorbent • Excellent absorption and retention • Minimises risk of maceration and leakage • Maintains integrity and is not bulky upon exudate absorption • Protects against fluid strike-through• Outer layer remains dry • Provides comfort for patients • Suitable for use under compression bandages • Has protease modulating properties* and provides a conducive environment for healing to proceedFrequency of changeMextra Superabsorbent may be left in place for several days. It should be changed according to the clinical condition of the wound, or when saturated.