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A New Generation Of Soft Silicone Tape

Mepitac is a conformable self adhesive tape which consists of a conformable non-woven fabric coated on one surface with a soft silicone adhesive. The outer surface of the dressing is coated with a semipermeable polyurethane film that is impermeable to liquids and micro-organisms.

This soft silicone layer provides secure fixation but does not cause epidermal stripping or pain on removal.


Mepitac is designed for fixing medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, IV cannulae and dressings. It may also be used to provide protection to the skin over sensitive areas beneath devices such as tubes.

The dressing is especially useful for individuals with fragile or sensitive skin such as very young infants, the elderly, or patients who require the frequent application of and removal of tape over the same area for example neonates or dialysis patients.


Mepitac is not suitable for the fixation of arterial catheters or arterial cannulae.

Method of use

A piece of Mepitac of the required length is cut from the roll and the backing removed before the fabric is gently pressed into position. When used as a fixation system for tubing and similar devices, Mepitac can either be used to hold the device in close proximity to the skin by taping it down onto the body surface, or alternatively, the device can be encircled with a piece of Mepitac the ends of which are then attached to the skin

Frequency of Change

Mepitac can often be left in place for an extended period, and if inspection or repositioning is required the tape may be removed and reapplied as necessary.


The adhesive properties of Mepitac gradually reduce with time particularly when used in the humid conditions such as incubators or when applied to individuals who have a fever or perspire significantly.


Mepitac is supplied in cardboard cartons on a roll carried on a release film which is removed prior to use.