Kerralite Cool Adhesive Border Dressing

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  • BALANCES MOISTURE: KerraLite Cool Hydrogel Wound Dressing helps maintain the correct balance of moisture for effective healing of lightly exuding wounds. This durable hydrogel dressing keeps bacteria out and moisture in to prevent wound dehydration.


  • REDUCES PAIN: Hydrogel bandages have been clinically proven to inhibit proteolysis and reduce MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases) and wound pain, showing significant improvement in slough reduction and an increase in granulation tissue in just 14 days.


  • SOOTHES AND COOLS: Designed for patient comfort, this hydrogel bandage is cool and soothing on wounds and skin. KerraLite hydrogel wound dressing will not dry out or stick to underlying tissue when removed, which reduces the risk of maceration.


  • BATTLES BACTERIA: This transparent hydrogel dressing acts as a barrier, keeping out external contaminants like bacteria to promote healing. By inhibiting bacteria growth, hydrogel wound dressing is an ideal solution for managing sloughy wounds.


  • CLEANS WOUNDS: Support healing with this hydrogel dressing that cleans wounds by debriding necrotic tissue. KerraLite's Pro-ionic hydrogel contact layer and fluid-repellent polyurethane film layer together provide flexible, breathable protection.
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