IODOFLEX Iodine Paste Pad Dressing (Smith & Nephew)

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IODOFLEX Iodine Paste Pad Dressing (Smith & Nephew)
IODOFLEX removes barriers to healing by its dual action antimicrobial and desloughing properties. The broad spectrum antimicrobial action is provided by the sustained release of iodine and the desloughing action is provided by the unique cadexomer matrix.By effectively removing the barriers of bacteria, slough and debris and excess exudate, IODOFLEX is effective for the treatment of infection in chronic exuding wounds.ClaimsProvides sustained antimicrobial activityEffective against a broad spectrum of bacteriaRemoves loose slough and debris to clean the wound bedHas high absorption capacity to absorb exudateCreates a moist wound environmentBenefitsClinically proven to treat infectionEffective deslougherHigh absorbencyWide range of high level clinical supportVersatile rangeChanges colour as iodine is releasedEncourages wound healingFeaturesChanges colour: to indicate when dressing change is neededSimple and easy to apply and removeBiodegradableRange of sizes: aids dressing selectionWarningsThere is a potential risk of interaction with lithium, resulting in an increased possibility of hypothyroidismDo not use IODOFLEX concomitantly with mercurial antiseptics and taurolidinePrecautionsThe contents of the sachet/tube should be used on one patient onlyDo not use IODOFLEX in the vicinity of the eyes, ears, nose or mouthThe product is for external use onlyIODOFLEX may cause transient smarting especially in the first hour after treatment. This is a sign that the product is beginning to clean the wound. Occasionally, IODOFLEX may cause the skin around the wound edges to swell or redden. This will usually pass.Contact with the skin around the wound edges/intact skin should be minimisedIt is possible for an adherent crust to form if the IODOFLEX is allowed to dry outA single application of IODOFLEX should not exceed 50g and not more than 150g in one weekThe duration of treatment should not exceed 3 months and allow a one week break before re-starting treatment to enable excretion of iodineContraindicationsDo not use on dry necrotic tissue or on patients with a know sensitivity to any of its ingredientsDo not use on children, pregnant or lactating women or people with thyroid disorders or renal impairment
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