Footshield II Hex Insole (Wedge Shoe)


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Product Information

When using a post operative shoe to assist recovery from foot surgery, it’s often necessary to offload pressure from specific areas of the plantar aspect of the foot in order to protect wounds and prevent pressure sores.

Featuring removable hexagonal pegs, the Footshield Hex Insole is able to provide selective, localised pressure relief. The Footshield Hex Insole can be used with any of the Footshield range of products.


  • Removable hex pegs allow creation of a void which avoids plantar foot impact during ambulation
  • Includes self-adhesive stabiliser board to prevent adjacent hex pegs from collapsing
  • Poron cover for additional comfort

Available Versions of the Footshield Hex Insole
The Footshield Hex Insole is available in two different versions: one to fit the Footshield Shoe or Boot, and one to fit the Footshield Wedge Shoe.


The Footshield Hex Insole is recommended for:

  • Post-surgical weight relief of the plantar foot surface
  • Selective pressure relief for plantar ulcers