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Product Information

Following surgical intervention, your foot is extremely vulnerable and the proper care must be taken in order to ensure a smooth recovery. Using a post operative shoe is the best way to protect your foot while allowing you to gently ease back into walking on it.
The Footshield II Post Operative Boot features evidence-based rocker sole technology that reduces pressure, improves comfort and encourages correct gait. Featuring an easily-adjustable hook and loop closure, the Footshield II minimises pressure on the forefoot, yet can be modified to accommodate bulky dressings.

Boot Design
The Footshield II Post Operative Boot features the same high-quality design as the Footshield Post Operative Shoe, but with an extended heel and greater height. This means that it covers a larger area and may be warmer and more effective for walking in cold and/or windy environments.


Indications for Use:

  • The Footshield II Post Operative Boot is recommended for:
  • Post-operative protection
  • Diabetic ulcerations of the foot
  • Plantar offloading
  • Selective pressure relief for plantar ulcers


  • Evidence based rocker sole
  • 10 degree toe out angle
  • Apex of rocker at 60% of shoe length
  • 20 degree rocker angle
  • Removable memory foam insole
  • Square toe design to accommodate the presence of K wires
  • Touch-and-close adjustable closure, helps to minimise pressure on the forefoot, yet is adjustable to accommodate for bulky dressings
  • Fabric removable toe cap included as standard
  • Can be used on its own or with the Hex plantar foot offloading insole