Comfifast EasyWrap Children's Long Sleeve Vest

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Comfifast Easywrap Garments Range

Developed to help support the treatment of atopic eczema, skin covering when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments and for dressing retention e.g. burns patients or post surgery.

A full range of garments are available to fit all areas of the body for head to toe dressing - from a clava for the head through to socks for the feet.

The range has been developed using MultiStretch technology, giving the garments multiple stretch - radial, longitudinal and diagonal to allow the wearer complete freedom of movement.

Key Benefits

  • Acts as a barrier to help reduce the impact of scratching.

  • Prevents the transfer of emollients, creams and paste to the users clothes or bedding.

  • Unobtrusive when worn under clothing.

  • Ready to wear, easy to use and quick to apply.

  • Remains in place without the need for additional fixation.

  • Increases user concordance with treatment due to simplicity of use, comfort and effectiveness.

  • Light and breathable fabric allows the skin to breath

Washing & Care

The range of garments are completely washable and can be machine washed up to 30 times for frequent use and are produced using stay soft fabric to ensure the garments retain their softness even after repeated washing.