Comfifast Easywrap Children's Socks

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Comfifast Easywrap Socks Up to 8 Years Old
ComfiFast Easywrap garments are designed for head-to-toe dressing in the treatment of atopic eczema. With specific garments for different body areas – from a clava for the head through to socks for the feet – they provide an effective skin covering when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments. Available in a range of sizes.
Comfifast Multistretch tubular bandages have been developed using MultiStretch technology; enabling the bandage to stretch in multiple directions - radial, longitudinal and diagonal, designed to provide complete freedom of movement and enhance patient comfort.
Comfifast MultiStretch is indicated for use on patients with eczema, controlled lymphodema and venous disease and can also be used for dressing retention and skin covering for fragile skin. Comfifast MultiStretch offers all the features of Comfifast with additional benefits.