Activon Manuka Honey 25g Tube For Wounds & Burns


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Activon Tube contains 100% Manuka honey with no additives from New Zealand. The Manuka honey is filtered and sterilised, making it suitable for application to wounds.The Activon Manuka honey will de-bride and de-slough, eliminate odours caused by infection and provides a moist wound healing environment.

Activon Tube Manuka Honey is ideal for debriding necrotic tissue, or for topping up dressings where the honey has been washed away by exudate. Great for using in cavities, just wash away with saline solution.



Twist off cap, apply liberally to the wound bed (surface or cavity) and cover with an appropriate secondary dressing. Activon Tube Mnauka Honey 15g is a single patient use only product, once opened use within 90 days.

Initially you may experience high levels of exudate, this is perfectly normal and will decrease over time, therefore your secondary dressing of choice may initially need to be a superabsorbent dressing.


Activon Tube 25g Manuka Honey is ideal for debriding necrotic tissue; it's ideal for topping up dressings where the honey is washed away or great for using directly into cavities. Manuka Honey can be washed away using normal saline solution. As Manuka honey is a natural product any remaining honey will not have any adverse effects.

Activon Tube Manuka Honey may be applied to any wound but especially: Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, graft sites, infected wounds, cavity wounds and sinuses



Although the Manuka honey is not absorbed into the blood stream, we advise monitoring the levels of patients with diabetes. Do not use if allergic to bee stings or honey.

Discomfort can be experienced when the Manuka honey is applied, depending on sensitivity of the wound it may be necessary to consider an appropriate level of analgesia. The initial discomfort usually subsides, however if it does continue, discontinue use and irrigate the wound with saline solution.