Activa Stocking Liners 3 Pack 10mmHg


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Activa Stocking Liners

  • Light compression of 10mg
  • One pack contains 3 single stocking liners
  • Use with own stockings

The Activa liners provide 10mmHg light compression for maintenance therapy, palliative care and for patients non concordant with higher levels of compression, working on the assumption that some compression is better than none. 

The liners are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply, which is why they are often layered by wearers who find the lower levels of compression easier to put on and can maintain their independence by not needing assistance.


Activa liners can be layered to provide higher levels of compression. This means either wearing one 10mmHg liner on top of another, e.g. 2 x 10mmHg liners = 20mmHgOr, the liner can be worn under a higher compression stocking. 

The silky liner material enables the top stocking to slip easily over the leg. 

This can be easier to put on than a single high compression garment, e.g. 1 x 10mmHg liner Activa British Standard 14-17mmHg = 25mmHg

Please contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. For a best fit it is advised to be measured by one of the healthcare professionals mentioned to make sure the hosiery fits correctly and is comfortable.

Please use the measuring guide shown in the pictures to ensure a best fit.