Activa Class 3 Below Knee Support Stockings


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Activa Class 3 Below Knee Support Stockings

  • UK Class 3
  • 25-35mmhg
  • Open Toe
  • Sand
  • One pair per a box


Activa Hosiery helps ensure blood flow through the feet, ankles and legs which can help with severe varicose veins, DVT’s and more.

Activa Hosiery are comfortable and made out of high quality luxurious materials for longevity and make it easy to put on.

Effective Against

  • severe varicose veins
  • advanced DVT
  • moderate lymphoedema

Please contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. For a best fit it is advised to be measured by one of the healthcare professionals mentioned to make sure the hosiery fits correctly and is comfortable.

Please use the measuring guide shown in the pictures to ensure a best fit.