Urgoclean Ag Desloughing Pad

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Urgoclean Dressing AG

The UrgoClean Ag dressing is presented as a sterile, non-woven pad of highly absorbent and cohesive poly-absorbent hydrodesloughing fibres (polyacrylate).

The hydro-desloughing pad is coated with a soft-adherent Healing Matrix (TLC: Technology Lipido-Colloid) impregnated with Silver. This TLC-Ag provides an anti-bacterial action and gels easily, thereby aiding the drainage of slough residues. Moreover it enables an easy application and removal of the dressing.

This dressing uses thermobonding to bond polyacrylate fibres that are, arranged in parallel to the surface of the wound in a structured pattern, which give UrgoClean Ag its specific properties of cleaning all residues from the wound, as well as its resistance to traction.


UrgoClean Ag is indicated for the local treatment of chronic (leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers) and acute (burns, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds) exudative wounds at risk or with signs of local infection, from the debridement stage.


- Known sensitisation to silver.
- UrgoClean Ag is not suitable for use as a surgical sponge for heavily bleeding wounds.
- Do not use UrgoClean Ag in combination with hydrogen peroxide, organomercuric antiseptics or hexamidine.
- Do not use on patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination.