Medihoney Gel Sheet Dressings

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Medihoney Gel Sheet is a sterile, non-adherent wound dressing made from Medihoney Antibacterial Honey (80%w/w) and Sodium Alginate for wound care (20%w/w).

The gel sheet is helpful in treating a wide variety of mild to moderately exudating wounds. For DRY wounds these should be managed with Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey.

Ideal for use on:

  • Leg and foot ulcers.
  • Pressure ulcers.
  • Infected wounds.
  • Burns.
  • Sloughy wounds.
  • Malodorous wounds.
  • Donor and recipient graft sites.

Directions for use:
Protect the edges of the wound with Medihoney Barrier Cream. Remove the liners of the gel sheet before applying to the wound. Place the dressing onto the wound surface ensuring that the dressing is in contact with the wound bed. Dressings can be placed side by side to cover large areas or for deep wounds, multiple layers may be used. A suitable non-adherent sterile pad or dressing should be applied to cover the gel sheet. The dressing should be sufficiently absorbent to manage wound exudate. Frequency of change: Medihoney Gel Sheet requires changing when the dressing has gelled and been diluted by wound exudate. The dressing may be left in place for up to 7 days on wounds with low exudate.