Ichthopaste Zinc Paste Bandage 7.5 cm x 6m (2%)

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ICHTHOPASTE Medicated Dressing is a bandage made of open woven cloth impregnated with a paste containing 6.32 % Zinc Oxide BP and 2 % Ichthammol BP rolled onto a plastic core. It also contains Purified water BP, Glycerine BP, Gelatin BP, Emulsifying wax BP, Phenoxyethanol BP. Each bandage is presented in a wrapper and sealed in a polythene bag contained in a cardboard carton. ICHTHOPASTE provides topical treatment. It provides a moist wound-healing environment over a leg ulcer, helps to reduce skin irritation and soothes and protects surrounding skin. It will not dry out in use.


ICHTHOPASTE is for use as a topical treatment only. It is indicated to assist the management of leg ulcers. Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be used under graduated compression bandaging. ICHTHOPASTE is also suitable for use in the treatment of chronic eczema/dermatitis, where occlusion is indicated. Where venous insufficiency exists,



This product is ready for use upon removal from the sealed pouch and wrapper. There are two ways that the bandage can be applied:

  1. Beginning at the base of the toes, the bandage should be loosely wrapped around the foot, heel and around the leg in a spiral fashion, to just below the knee. Once applied, the bandage should then be smoothed and moulded around the leg.
  2. Beginning at the base of the toes, the bandage should be loosely wrapped around the foot and heel and then, whilst wrapping from the ankle, with every turn, the bandage should be folded back on itself in a pleat, at the front of the leg. This should be repeated up the leg until just below the knee. Compression bandaging may follow. Once ICHTHOPASTE has been applied, the leg should be covered by a bandage or dressing to prevent soiling to clothes.


Supplied By Medical Dressings Ltd a registered Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) wholesaler. We only supply top quality products that are used by many healthcare professionals and the NHS.

1 Review

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    Ichthopaste zinc bandage

    Posted by Alan Aldridge on 22nd Nov 2022

    Very good product Works wonders on my leg problems