Cosmopor E Hypoallergenic Sterile Dressing


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Cosmopor E is a self-adhesive sterile island wound dressing which is ideal for the postoperative wound treatment, but it can also be used for the sterile treatment of minor injuries such as in first aid and patients with sensitive skin.

This dressing has a sterile viscose absorbent pad (island) in the middle to cover the wound.

A hypoallergic sterile dressing, colophony free synthetic rubber based adhesive at the border helps to fix the dressing in place and can be taken off easily without disturbing the wound bed.

Cosmopor E is a perforated film absorbent dressing which allows the wound to breathe normally.

Sterile dressings are suitable for the wound with mild to moderate amount of exudate.

Unlike other synthetic adhesive dressings, hypoallergic colophony free synthetic rubber based adhesive prevents irritation of surrounding skin and enables the natural functions of the skin to continue.

Easy to apply and perfect for the First Aid Box