Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve

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The Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve provides secure and reliable catheter leg bag fixation with no unnecessary tube holes to prevent disconnection of the link drainage system, reducing infection risk. If you need to fix a urine bag on your leg instead of leg bag strap this product is perfect solution for your comfort.
You can use this UGOfix Leg Bag Sleeve to support leg bags attached to urethral catheters, supra pubic catheters and urinary sheath systems. Its distinctive features include:
UGOfix Urine Catheter Leg Bag Sleeve is designed for use with leg bag catheters. It features a lightweight stretch support garment with inner pockets that securely and discretely hold your leg bag in place.
  • Washable, knitted fibre blends for strength and durability
  • Contours to leg shape, ensuring even distribution of urine and reduced noise.
  • Graduated lines of concentrated elastane - for support and controlled expansion when bag is filling
  • External seam prevents skin damage and provides comfort
  • Strengthened outlet hole, maintaining continuous support 
  • Increased width and strength to top and bottom bands, for support and fixation
  • No unnecessary tube holes in the top seam so disconnection of the link drainage system is prevented
Small size      with  Yellow stripe  24-39 cm (Leg Circumference)
Medium size  with  Blue stripe     36-55 cm (Leg Circumference)
Large size     with  Brown stripe   40-70 cm (Leg Circumference)
XLarge  size  with  Green stripe   65-95 cm (Leg Circumference)
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