Atrauman Ag Antibacterial Silver Dressing


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Atrauman Ag silver impregnated tulle dressing is an ointment impregnated silver wound contact dressing. It prevents secondary dressings from sticking to wounds, provides skin care for the wound edges and is anti bacterially effective when bacteria come into direct contact with the dressing.

Bacteria are destroyed when they come into direct contact with the antibacterial dressing. The wound excudate together with the killed bacteria and the endotoxins formed in the process are absorbed into the secondary wound dressing.

Atrauman Ag silver impregnated tulle dressing can be combined with all kinds of absorbent wound dressings. Hyroactive or gauze dressings are such dressings that are suitable for use as a secondary dressing.

Atrauman Ag silver dressing is suitable for complementary use in the treatment of infected wounds or wounds showing critical colonization as well as for infection prophylaxis.


  • The silver impregnation helps to prevent maceration
  • The soft, thin support fabric drapes easily and ensures close contact with the wound base
  • Good exudate absorption into the secondary dressing due to the permeable weave structure of Atrauman Ag silver dressing
  • A suitable secondary dressing can be chosen individually
  • Reliably destroys bacteria when they come into direct contact with the dressing
  • Has low toxicity, as the anti-bacterial effect is restricted to the dressing surface only