Aquacel Foam Adhesive Dressing

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Aquacel Foam Adhesive Dressing 

Facilitates Healing: the only FOAM to vertically wick which
minimises lateral spread of fluid, reducing risk of maceration.

The only FOAM that has it all – comfort, simplicity and the healing benefits of an AQUACEL® contact layer.

An ideal combination of AQUACEL®  contact layer and a gentle silicone adhesive.


  • Simple to use Easy to apply and remove
  • Suitable for all exuding wounds
  • Waterproof, viral & bacterial barrier


  • Reduces pain while in situ and upon removal
  • Repositions without trauma
  • Minimises patient anxiety  about painful dressing changes
  • Adhesive does not stick to gloves or itself
  • Healing benefi ts of an AQUACEL® contact layer