Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit 40mmHg


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Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit 40mmHg

  • 40mmHg compression
  • Footwear can be worn
  • Alternative to bandages
  • Comes as a single not a pair

The Activa leg ulcer hosiery kit is a hosiery alternative to bandages for healing leg ulcers. Two stockings are worn one on top of the other. A 10mmHg liner followed by a below knee, open toed British Standard Class 3 (25-35mmHg). The combined compression allows leg ulcer healing without the bulk of bandages. Suitable post healing for patients with a history of leg ulcer reoccurence.

** Not everyone with a leg ulcer is suitable for the hosiery kit and some people may need to wear bandages depending on the shape of the leg and exudate levels..**

Indications for use:

  • Treatment of venous leg ulcers
  • Compression of limbs with venous disorders
  • Prevention of recurrence of venous leg ulcers
  • Management of severe varicose veins


  • Significant arterial disease (ischemia) according to vascular assessment
  • Congestive heart failure, as compression could lead to cardiac overload
  • Acute deep vein thrombosis
  • Sensory disorders of the limb i.e. peripheral neuropathy
  • Known sensitivity to the fabric of the stockings

Please contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. For a best fit it is advised to be measured by one of the healthcare professionals mentioned to make sure the hosiery fits correctly and is comfortable.

Please use the measuring guide shown in the pictures to ensure a best fit.