Actico Cohesive Inelastic Bandage System

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  • Actico inelastic compression bandages are clinically proven to help your leg ulcer heal and/or treat swollen ankles and legs. 
  • The bandages are compression bandages, which means they ‘squeeze’ your limb. 
  • The gentle squeezing pushes the body fluids (either/or blood and lymph) back to where they need to go. 
  • Actico bandages will reduce swollen ankles and legs and help any wound to heal.
  • They are firm, but comfortable.
  • They feel firmer when you are up and about, or moving your calf muscle.
  • They feel less firm when you are lying down or in bed, so that you are able to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • If your entire leg is swollen, the whole leg will be bandaged. This may seem a bit bulky at first, but it is the most effective way of reducing swelling - normally producing fast results.


  • Leg ulcers(a wound on the leg which has not healed after several weeks) are surprisingly common
  • Up to 1% of adults in the UK will have one at sometime in their lives
  • Swollen legs and ankles are equally common, either with or without a leg ulcer
  • The swelling is made up of lymph fluid, which is unable to drain back into the lymphatic system


  • Swelling of the arm results from lymph fluid which is unable to drain back into the lymphatic system as well as it should
  • Arm lymphoedema affects 1 in 4 people, to different degrees, who have received some form of treatment for breast cancer.
  • This is the most common cause of arm swelling, but lymphoedema can result from other types of cancer.
  • Lymphoedema can also be a condition you are born with - resulting from defects in the lymphatic system.


  • The bandages should not get wet. Waterproof bandage protectors are available and you may wish to discuss this with your practitioner.
  • Keep the bandages on. Do not remove or fiddle with them, as this will reduce their effectiveness.
  • The bandage should feel firm, but comfortable. If it feels painful or slips down, contact your nurse immediately.
  • To assist blood and lymph flow - elevate your affected limb whenever you can, ideally above your heart level.
  • Avoid elevating your bandaged arm above heart level for long periods as this may make your shoulder ache.


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