Copy of Leukoplast Waterproof Tape 1.5cmx5m (1)


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Leukoplast® waterproof

Waterproof medical tape for securing wound dressings of all types or other devices. This white tape is for short-term use on normal, intact skin. It adheres well even when immersed in water and has high tensile strength, making it very durable.

  • Hand-tearable
  • High tensile strength
  • Highly adhesive

Product benefits:


Tear by hand for quick and easy use in a variety of settings.

-High tensile strength

High tensile strength; meaning it’s reliable under heavy strain or for active people.

-Highly adhesive

High initial and permanent adhesive power means you can rely on it to stay in place.

-Surface to write on

-Surface that’s easy to write on; making it ideal in medical settings.


Impermeable to water; ideal for those who need to shower or swim.


Adhesive tape that will withstand warm conditions.

-Antimicrobial spool & snapring

The surfaces of the spool and snapring have an antimicrobial material which ensures more than 99.9% MRSA reduction within six hours. (Only valid for products with spools and/or snapring)