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OPSITE Post-Op Breathable Adhesive dressing (Smith & Nephew) (Waterproof)


Vital protection against serious consequences

OPSITE Post-Op provides an impermeable barrier against bacteria, including MRSA (in-vitro), to reduce the risk of surgical site infection.

Help prevent blistering 

A 300 patient study on orthopaedic patients OPSITE Post-Op was found to cause significantly less blistering when compared to another film plus pad dressing or non-woven dressing. Being associated with fewer wound complications may lead to a shortened hospital stay and reduction in associated treatment cost. 

Extended wear time

OPSITE Post-Op offers a significantly longer wear time when compared with non-woven or passive dressings. 

  • For cuts and stitches.
  • Breathable and bacteria proof.
  • Medically proven