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Mepilex Border Sacrum All-In-One Foam Dressings (Molnlcke)


When to use Mepilex Border Sacrum?

Use Mepilex Border Sacrum for medium-to-high exuding sacral wounds such as pressure ulcers or surgical excision of pilonidal cysts. As Mepilex Border Sacrum maintains a moist wound environment which supports debridement, there might actually be an initial increase in the wound size. This is normal and to be expected.

Dressings with Safetac mean less pain and less stress at dressing change. Using dressings with Safetac drastically reduces pain and tissue damage during dressing changes. A dressing containing a Safetac interface does not stick to the moist wound; it seals the edge of the ulcer preventing maceration and does not strip skin all while maintaining an optimal wound microclimate. This means less pain, less stressful dressing changes, and potentially a faster healing process.

Use Mepilex Border Sacrum:

  • To prevent pressure ulcers
  • To treat medium to highly exuding sacral wounds like pressure ulcers
  • For a combination of excellent fluid handling capacity and retention that provides effective exudate management with less risk of maceration
  • To lower costs with quicker healing and less pain for patients