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IV3000* (Smith & Nephew)


Nothing keeps an IV site dry like IV3000

"A warm moist environment, conducive to a high microbial bioburden, increase the risk of infection" 

Catheter-related infections are a serious barrier to healing, keeping patients in hospital longer and increasing the cost of care. Semi-permeable film dressings stop most bacteria getting into the IV sites but they also trap moisture, making it easier for the bacteria that do get in to reproduce. 

IV3000 has been specifically designed for IV sites, with its film and unique grid pattern adhesive allowing optimum moisture vapour transfer to reduce moisture build-up and bacterial growth. 

IV3000 offers a moisture vapour transmission rate over FIVE TIMES that of its nearest competitor, helping to keep moisture levels under the dressing to a minimum. 

A secure barrier to infection

IV3000's breathability reduces pooling of moisture, helping the dressing to stay in place without lifting.

IV3000 dressings form a protective barrier around the IV to help prevent bacterial and viral infection. 

The dressing's two securing strips also offer additional security for the catheter or tubing, helping to keep it in place and reducing the risk of phlebitis and associated infection. 

Meeting and beating the guidelines

IV3000 meets and exceeds criteria for an ideal IV site dressing, as defined in published clinical guidance.