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Hydrosorb Hydrogel Dressings (Hartmann)



  • Immediately provides a moist environment to promote wound healing
  • High biocompatibility, conformable fit
  • Permanently moist so does not adhere to the wound
  • Improves patient comfort due to the natural anaesthetic and cooling effect of water on the skin
  • Around 4 day life span

Imprinted 1cm square grid:

  • Aids exact wound documentation

Semi-permeable, polyurethane film cover:

  • Protects wound from penetration of moisture and bacteria
  • Allows free passage of gases and moisture vapour
  • Leaves wound residue-free for immediate assessment
  • Sustained absorbency and transparency
  • Exudate and malodours remain contained

When to use

The following types of wounds are the most suited for being treated with hydrogel dressings:

  • dry or dehydrated wounds
  • partial or full-thickness lesions
  • abrasions or severe scrapes
  • minor burns
  • wounds with granulated tissue development
  • radiation skin damage

It is important to remember to avoid hydrogel dressing use when a wound is extremely moist or displaying heavy exudate. In most cases, hydrogel dressings will need a cover dressing because they are often difficult to secure and can dehydrate easily if not covered effectively.