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DURAFIBER* Ag (Smith & Nephew)


DURAFIBER Ag dressing are effective against infection.

Sustained release of silver for up to 7 days.

Starts to kill pathogens within 30 minutes of contact.

Provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity at 4 hours against pathogens (shown in vitro vs.Pseudomonas aeruginosa, VRE, Bacteroides fragilisCandida albicans and Rhizopus arrhizus)

Sustains antimicrobial activity for up to 7 days against a broad spectrum of bacteria including antibiotic resistant strains (MRSA, VRE, yeast, filamentous fungi wound pathogens)

Strength in Performance

The DURAFIBRE range is a new generation of high performance gelling fibre dressing designed to meet the many challenges posed by medium and heavily exuding infected and non infected wounds.

Specially designed with innovative fibre technology. DURAFIBRE features a unique non-woven fibre blend that is integral to its high performance.

This unique blend provides an exclusive combination of benefits that set DURAFIBRER dressings apart from conventional gelling fibre dresssings.

Clean one-piece removal

  • High wet strength and structural integrity
  • Low risk of fibre shed and dressing residue
  • Minimal pain and trauma for the patient on dressing removal
Effective exudate management
  • High absorption and retention apacity
  • minimal lateral wicking-helps protwct pen-wound skin against the risk of maceration
  • Locks in fluid and harmful bacteria-may help prevent the risk of cross contamination on removal.
Uncompromised patient comfort
  • Gentle conformable gel matrix
  • Helps promote patient concordance
  • Reduces dead space where bacteria may proliferate
Assured dressing efficiencies
  • Unique anti-shrinkage properties
  • Minamil shrinkage when wet - may help sustained coverage
  • maintains a favourable moist wound healing environment