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Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve


UGOfix Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve

Easy to use, Leg Bag Holder provides total security and maximum  comfort as an alternative to leg straps.
The soft fabric gives support, applying an even pressure over the whole area  of the Leg Bag, holding it secure.
Available in three sizes and easily  adapts to fit on the calf or on the thigh.  To determine the right size for  you, measure the circumference of either:

A) the mid-point of your thigh, or B) the widest point of your calf.

The fitting guide below will indicate which product
 you need.

  • Small Yellow 24-39 cm (Circumference)
  • Medium Blue 36-55 cm (Circumference)
  • Large Brown 40-70 cm (Circumference)