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Biatain Alginate Dressing (Coloplast)


Biatain Alginate

Biatain Alginate is a highly absorbent alginate dressing for moderately to heavily exuding wounds of any size, shape and depth. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Superior absorption compared to other alginate and hydrofibre dressings 
  • High tensile strength when wet facilitating easy dressing removal
  • Unique dressing integrity
  • Minimal risk of leakage and maceration
  • Documented haemostatic effect 
  • Wear time up to 7 days dependent on exudate levels
Biatain Alginate can be used on all moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds. Biatain Alginate may assist in supporting the control of minor bleeding in superficial wounds. Biatain Alginate can be used with compression therapy. Biatain Alginate should not be used on dry or lightly exuding wounds or to control heavy bleeding. Biatain Alginate is indicated for: 
  • Diabetic foot ulcers 
  • Pressure ulcers 
  • Donor sites 
  • Leg ulcers 
  • Second degree burns 
  • Sloughy wounds 
  • Recommended wear time up to 7 days dependant on exudate levels